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remove_red_eye Visual

brush Illustration and Concepting

With a diploma behind my name and unwavering respect for the arts, I take ideas and (with a bit of coffee) convert them into rich, vibrant and compositional sound works for any project.

accessibility 3D Modeling and Rigging

Specialising in low poly art with an emphasis on balancing style and substance. No Aspect of a model is left without some form of conscious decision behind it and a solid rigging etiquette makes the animation process that much smoother.

burst_mode 2D Rendering and Animation

With crisp, clean and sharp drawings I can convert obscenely complex objects into easily readable pixelated works, then bring them to life using Aseprite or photoshop.

wb_incandescent Computer Graphics

Combining logic and creativity and an in depth understanding of the GPU and its many pipe lines I can bring ideas to computer screen. Shading, advanced rendering, lighting and natural simulations are all a part of the process taken to bring a world to life through HLSL/GLSL.

palette Design

devices Web Design

Personality is the key component to any website, preparing with concepts and mockups, then rendering the site with HTML 5 and CSS3, utilizing bootstrap and Materialize as a base, and building upon it with custom features and styles such as WebGL to ensure that what is created is unique, personalized and responsive.

directions_run Game Design

Emotion, depth and vibrancy are elements, I as a Game Designer focus and enhance upon with my own personal touch, overseeing each step of the development process end to end ensuring that a project meets its requirements and does not lack any qualities that makes it stand out from the rest.

widgets Development

view_compact ASP.NET MVC 5

Front and Back end experience, data management through SQL queries, building forms and features, implementing validation, utilizing RESTful Web API Convention's for Client side Development and ensuring that the application runs smoothly with performance optimization.

swap_horiz Angular 4

Modular development experience, creating custom components and utilizing CLI deployment, implementing routing and navigations with guarding, retrieving and displaying data, two databinding {(banana in a box)} and data transformation using pipes.

nature_people Game Development

Engine development, tools creation, systems development, rendering and CG scripting are amoung many of the more backend jobs I have experience in, developing games from start to finsh, from concept to deployment.


My name is Eugene Martens, recently graduated Game Developer and Artist.

Game Development is my main passion, everything from back end game engine structures to front end aesthetics creation are all areas that I am interested in. So much goes into the development of a game, which in turn means always consistently learning something new, a large part of why I enjoy Game development.

Visual aesthetics and design of a game are my main points of interest, as art, conceptional design and graphics programming are areas I am most familiar and adept at.

Feel free to explore my website and check out some of my work


C# and Java





Visual Studio

Pixel Art

3D Modeling


3DS Max


Website Development


Advanced Mathematics

Front End Development


Characters Concepting


C++ and C



Back End Development

3D Animation in Maya/Blender/3DS Max

Landscape/Level Concept

Project Management

Game Mechanics Development

Illustration & Concepting

2D Animation in Flash/Photoshop/Aseprite


UI Development

Profiling & Monetisation



Logo Design

Statistical Data analytics


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